Saturday, January 3, 2009

January Holiday Card

We arrived back from Texas and received holiday cards from old friends in the mail. It was wonderful of everyone of them since we have not sent out a seasonal card in a decade.
The card I sent out was a collage with a few pictures I took of my life from the past few years. It was the first time I used the collage feature on Picasa: It looks as if meeting Sarah Moulton at the Vendies was the highlight of my year. In fact there were many highlights of the year. These pictures are a few random ones. The young women are three of my nieces who constantly amaze me as they continue to enter the adult world. Corinne has finished her masters and is working at the Guggenheim. Leah has finished her masters and works as an urban planner. They live in NYC. Emily is a senior at Brandeis, and is planning a year of travel and skiing. The picture of the land formation is from our trip to New Mexico. It is a hoodo at Tent Rocks. There is a picture of Stewart biking this summer, and a few assorted photos of some other family gatherings. The picture of my parents who still amaze me, and a few of my many Texas and New York relatives.

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